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A & J Morriss and sons understand that some families would like a more personalised funeral for their loved one. We offer a variety of specialised options to help you create a personally designed coffin that reflects your loved one. Funeral for a baby
A & J Morriss & Sons have always followed the policy of not charging for baby funerals. All services within the standard funeral service apply with the exception of the provision of a hearse – instead we provide a limousine equipped to carry the coffin with mum and dad. We include a standard white casket with handles and matching nameplate.

We also provide the following coffins however there will be charge for these coffins

There will however be disbursement costs to pay

Eco-friendly baby coffins



Personally designed coffins

We can provide coffins that are designed and painted according to you wishes, any design can be incorporated – please advise your arranger and they will provide you with an estimate.