Funeral Directors

We are a family run team of funeral directors who are here to provide you with the arrangements you want for your loved one. Dealing with a death in the family or a friend is an extremely upsetting time and we know how important the funeral will be to mourn and to have the celebration of life that you will want. We are here to take care of everything that you want us to look after and you can rest assured that you are in safe and understanding hands with our experienced and caring team.

Based in Croydon, we have been providing our funeral director services for a number of years and have built up an excellent reputation for the compassionate service we deliver. For your peace of mind, we have signed The Fair Funeral Pledge which means that we recognise that funerals can be expensive, we are here to provide the funeral you want within your budget. Full information about our plans can be found on our website.

To speak to our funeral directors today, please call us on 020 8654 0990. We are here to help provide the day that you will appreciate and expect.