Frequently Asked Questions

If someone dies at home, the deceased GP should be contacted to visit and confirm the patient has passed away. If they die in hospital. The doctor attending the deceased will issue the medical certificate needed. Find out more about what happens when someone dies.

Contact the deceased’s GP. They will visit and confirm that the patient has passed away and issue a Medical Certificate of Cause of Death. You should then contact A & J Morriss & Sons on 020 8654 0990 24hrs – see contact page to make arrangements for the removal of the deceased to their Chapel of Rest.

The staff will arrange for a doctor to visit. Once he or she has confirmed the death – the matron or duty nurse will generally contact the funeral director you have chosen.

Generally, the doctor attending the deceased will issue a Medical Certificate of Cause of Death. The Hospital Administrator will advise you where and when the certificate will be made available for collection. You will need to speak to the Patients Affairs Office – they will issue various documents enabling you to proceed with contacting a funeral director.

The first steps after someone dies is the doctor certifying the cause of death and issuing a certificate. The death must then be registered with your local registrar, who issues a death certificate. Read our guidance about the full process when someone dies.

A direct cremation is a straightforward cremation that doesn’t involve a formal ceremony or service. The deceased is transported to the crematorium where the cremation takes place and then the ashes are returned. Find out more about direct cremation.

We do have an option for those who want to attend the direct cremation. Take a look at our funeral packages for what it entails.

A simple funeral is a low-cost alternative to a traditional funeral. It involves a cremation at the Croydon crematorium, traditional hearse for the deceased and a simple coffin. Find out more about Simple Funerals.

When there isnt a doctor who can issue a cause of death, or the cause of death is unknown or suspicious, a coroner may be involved. Read more about why a coroner might get involved and the process of working with a coroner.

Funerals are a very personal choice. Although direct cremations are more cost effective that full funerals, it’s not for everyone. Talk to us about how we can help you choose the right funeral for you and your loved one.

We offer a wide range of funeral packages – from traditional to cheaper funerals – suitable for your needs. Speak to us today about our packages and how we can help.

If a loved one dies overseas, you will need to work with a repatriation company to bring your loved one back. We offer repatriation services and are able to bring loved ones back easily and respectfully from wherever they are in the world. Find out more.

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