Embracing the Journey with Nature

At Rowland Brothers, we understand the growing desire for eco-friendly funerals. Our commitment to sustainability honours both your loved ones and the planet. We offer a range of green burial options that ensure a minimal environmental footprint, aligning with the wishes of those who lived with an environmental consciousness.

What is an Eco-Friendly Funeral?

Eco-friendly funerals, also known as green or natural funerals, are a way of laying loved ones to rest with minimal environmental impact. This practice aligns with the natural cycle of life and returns the body to the earth in the most gentle manner.

Our Green Burial Options:

Biodegradable Caskets: Crafted from sustainable materials like bamboo, wicker, or recycled paper, these caskets are designed to return to the earth gracefully.

Natural Burial Sites: We partner with natural burial grounds, offering serene resting places free from traditional headstones and vaults.

Chemical-Free Embalming: We offer alternatives to traditional embalming fluids, using eco-friendly options that are gentle on the earth.

Memorial Trees: Honor your loved one’s memory by planting a tree in their name, a living tribute that contributes to reforestation efforts.

The Benefits of Choosing a Green Funeral:

Environmental Conservation: Reduces the carbon footprint and conserves natural resources.

Personalized Tributes: Create a unique and meaningful ceremony that reflects the values of your loved one.

Supports Biodiversity: Natural burial sites promote local flora and fauna, maintaining ecological balance.

Planning Your Eco-Friendly Farewell:

Our compassionate team is here to guide you through every step of planning an eco-friendly funeral. We’ll help you understand the options and make choices that align with your environmental values and the wishes of your loved one.

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